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Isidora Hart

Isidora has been a dancer all her life and fell in love with belly dance in 1992, prompting the metamorphosis of one of her many nicknames, Bella, into BellaDancer. (Her friends are as punny as she is.)


Isidora's degrees through the University of Minnesota are in History and Dance, and she has studied various traditions of movement from around the world including stage and folk dances of the Middle East,  North Africa and India, Flamenco, Mexican Folklorico, and martial arts. Her dances are always a blend of these studies with a focus on storytelling, inspiration, and innovation.


After being hit by a drunk driver in 2000, Isidora slowly began teaching and performing again, sharing with her students what she learned in recovery, like body alignment, natural movement, tenacity, and soul searching. The bellydance drills she created for herself during physical therapy took on an official format. Influenced by her classical martial training, they are morphing again, and are a foundation of her teaching technique. In contrast, her Elements System explores the soulful and expressive depths of movement, and the impact it has on our life.

In 2013, she moved to NW Arkansas to be near her family while healing from a relapse of seizures and a second car wreck. The combination of longterm injury and martial study gives her a unique perspective regarding patience, discipline, creative solutions, endurance, and the ability to--not merely take a punch & get back up--but redirect Life's blows into fuel. Being a lifelong dancer gives her a unique perspective on martial arts.

Isidora has been whapping her friends with weapons since 1993. She holds a second-degree black belt in Kenpo and continues to explore as wide a range of martial styles as she does in dance.


The healing and artistic joy Isidora has experienced through dance, martial arts and writing is the main topic of her Memoir Blog and Medium Channelincluding the journey of creating her lifelong master work: the Hartebeast System and its Dance of Elemental Alchemy. This system is in development for an online platform, coming soon to a web browser near you! 


Books are also on their way, both novels and non-fiction, greatly influenced by her life's passions and studies. 

(See why clones are necessary?)

Welcome aboard the

Good Ship Hartebeast!

Belly Dancer

She has been a premier dancer in Greek and Moroccan restaurants, and later returned to the stage. Her career has taken her around the United States and internationally to teach and perform, and she has danced for the International Academy of Middle Eastern Dance. She was one of the stars of Temptation of Belly Dance and Fantasy Belly Dance, both creative DVDs designed to raise the level of belly dance to a high art of theater and film.

During the 16 years she lived in Colorado, Isidora taught regular local classes and was the Artistic Director of several troupes, as well as the Tejedora Dance Company.

She has dedicated her life to The Dance and to sharing it with others. It is her profession, her principle, and her pastime, but most of all, it is her passion.​ 


Isidora, a name bestowed by two dear friends and fellow dancers, means "the gift of Isis."


During her five-year hiatus from the belly dance scene, the Muses made two things clear:

~Her dance and martial arts MUST be officially married.

~Cultural-based Belly Dance Fusion has given way to Fantasy Fusion, a comprehensive melding of her studies, with no emphasis upon any flavor or culture. Rather, her devotion to character, theater, & storytelling has taken center stage.


And in her heart, it always has.

Thus, has BellaDancer returned full circle to the wide open canvas of creation she started out with in her youngest years. 

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