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The Online School

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The First Online Course

Dance of Elemental Alchemy

Level 2: Weekly Workouts for Expression & Musicality


What is this style?


Get a deeper sneak-peek and even try out some of the lessons for free on my YouTube channel.


Online Private Coaching

The Style: Dance of Elemental Alchemy

A fusion of:

Belly Dance

Modern Dance

Ecstatic Dance

Martial Movement

and my global kitchen-sink collection

Based on my System of 5 Natural Elements

(Nope, I do not teach just belly dance anymore)

Available Topics:

Movement Technique - beginner through instructor

How To Choreograph and/or Improvise

Musicality, Emotion, Expression

Props & Finger Cymbals

Storytelling & Character for Dance

Dance Instruction Concepts

Mindset for Dancing through Injury, Illness & Aging

Looking for something specific? Ask me! 

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My New Experiment:

*Performances, Instruction, Writing, Art*

*Creative Process and Behind-The-Scenes*

*Test-Driving The Hartebeast System*


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