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  • Bella Dancer

Winter Equals...

The first apartment I had to myself in Minnesota had a big picture window overlooking the courtyard. My desk and my very first computer--what was that thing, a TI 486?--well, the only place to put them was against the wall with the window. Whenever I was snowed in (and it snowed a LOT in Duluth), those became my writing marathon days.

Although I left MN to flee from the cold and snow, it has become a nostalgic thing for me. Pueblo was notorious for being the only place that didn't get any, and NW Arkansas? I'm trying to remember the last time it snowed here enough to stick on the ground.

Now whenever it snows, all I want to do is put on my snugglies, put my laptop in front of the window, turn on the faerie lights and...

An experiment in playing with some new Mac-ly toys.