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  • Bella Dancer

Love and Crap...and Love

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

There are times when only 2 groups of words do not utterly fail when a friend gives you their bad news:

"I love you." "Shit. Fuck. Dammit. FUCK."

This is pretty much the case at every moment of every day. We just get too wrapped up in bullshit to realize that, until the reminder is staring us in the face. Hopefully we notice the reminder. Hopefully we remember that, at any millisecond, it could be the last time you ever hear me say:

I love you.

And this could be the last millisecond you ever have the chance to say those words to a heart that inspires them in yours.

Kind of a thing with me. Being catapulted out of my own body in one unexpected millisecond--but not actually croaking--will do that to you. If I had to choose one life's mission, it would probably be this: to eliminate as many regrets as possible when I look back on my life the next time Death stares me down and breathes on me...and to remind everyone in my sphere that they could do that, too. If it's something that interests them.



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