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What Can I Do When I Can't Dance?

August 18, 2019

Knowing that the retreat would take place in a rustic location in the mountains, I determined to go there as strong as I could. I kept one image ever-present in my mind - running up the dirt road toward the Spaceship, calling after my retreat sisters, "Wait for me! I'm coming!" 


Here is the collection of the Day 15 videos I made to answer the question posed by some of my students - and to answer it for myself: "So...what can I do when I can't dance?" One of my favorite answers: DANCE, of course.


























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Adventures of a Writey-Fighty-Dancer Gal surviving Traumatic Brain Injury and other trips to the Underworld. Come heckle--ermmm--watch the performing monkey tricks as she navigates her life using her arts, her rawr, and obscene amounts of glitter! 

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