Favorite Links

The People & Places Who Have Changed My Life


The chiropractor who is giving me my life back (again):

Deep Roots Health Center - NWA

The other chiropractor who gave me

my life back:

Genesis Chiropractic - NWA

My Bowenwork practictioner

and massage therapist:

Stefani Dwyer - NWA

My CO Chiropractors:

Stephanie Bellah - Pueblo

Jerry Guevara - Colo. Spgs.


My CO Bowen & Massage Therapist:

Vicki Lim - Pueblo

My CO Physical Therapy:

Motion Studies

Nutrition my body loves:


Spiritual Rebellion & Infinite Love:

Chameli Ardagh

The Ultimate Goddess Retreat

Dig what I do?

I rarely travel to teach anymore and I perform mostly on YouTube

(cuz...Dain Bramage)

(oh yeah, and Pandemic)

And those memoirs I always said I'd publish? They're here on my blog.

If you like my arts and want to help me keep sharing them

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